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This article is an excerpt from Charlie Campbell's more detailed article on Mormonism. You will find tips on how to witness to Mormon missionaries in this article.

Apologetics Index

The Apologetics Index provides research resources on religious cults, sects, new religious movements, and alternative religions. There is also information about anticult and counter cult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views.


Apologia provides free timely and accurate research information within the field of apologetics. You can subscribe to their weekly email newsletter to receive updates about their resources. They also have an online forum where you can post your questions they can answer in the area of apologetics.

Centers for Apologetics Research in English

Cephas Ministries

Christian Answers

This article at aims to provide an information about what Mormonism is and where it began. This is useful for missionaries and Christians who are planning to reach out to Mormons.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Challenge Ministries

Challenge Ministries offers resources that challenges Mormonism, J.W.s, and other cults. They have books and tracts, and you can subscribe to their newsletter. is selling The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin. Please put mormon, Mormons, or Mormonism in the search engine to find many more books and DVDs.

Chick Publications

If you are looking for cartoon tracts you can use in witnessing to cults and occultists try Chick Publications. They have various tracts about Mormonism , J. W. s, Catholicism, freemasonry, etc.

Cultwatch is a Christian-based, para-church organization made up of people from different Christian denominations. Cultwatch aims to help the people trapped in the cults and to warn people about the cult danger before they are ensnared.

Directory of LDS Mormonism

Let Us Reason

This apologetics site to members of the Latter-day Saints Church includes more than 100 testimonies from former Mormons about why they left that church, and several testimonies from former Jehovah's Witnesses. There are articles, an active bulletin board, an email support group, a list of contacts who are willing to help minister to Mormons who want to leave the Mormon Church.

How to Witness to Mormons

The Evidence Bible

Institute for Religious Research

Guide to Cults and New Religions [Paperback]

By Ronald Enroth


Ronald Enroth and other provide information (history, beliefs, and practices) on prominent religious sects: Baha'i, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Hare Krishnas, Mormons, J. W.s, Unification Church, and other modern cults.

Institute for Religious Research

The Institute for Religious Research is a non-denominational, Christian non-profit foundation devoted to the study of religious claims in light of history, science, and the Bible. This is an excellent website with information on cults and apologetics.

MacGregor Ministries

This website has a list of booklets or resources about, Mormons, J. Ws, Seventh-day Adventists, and other groups.


Watchman Fellowship

Reaching out to friends and family who are members of the Latter-day Saints presents a great challenge for Christians. This page lists several tools you can use for witnessing to Mormons.

Mormons Need Hope

This website provides support to former Mormons, as well as reach out to current Mormons. This website is also a resource to non-Mormons.

Mormonism Research Ministry

Mormonism Research Ministry is a missionary/apologetics organization that was organized to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to critically evaluate the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity. This website provides newsletter, books, tracts, and tapes, etc. in printed and electronic forms.

Mormon Scripture - Conviction or Contradiction?

Tower to Truth Ministries

Mormons in Transition

This website contains articles and other resources about Mormonism. You can also connect with former members of Latter-day Saints to help you in your transition from Mormonism to Christianity.

Mormon Temples: The Gates of Heaven

Tower to Truth Ministries

Mormonism Uncovered!

Tower to Truth Ministries

Personal Freedom Outreach

Reachout Trust

Reachout Trust is an international Christian ministry that equips the church, upholds biblical truth and builds bridges to people in the cults, and new age. Its primary aim is reaching out to the people involved in these groups. This is achieved through various means.

Spiritual Counterfeits

The Bereans

Teaching cult awareness seminar, distributing specialize tracts and literatures, evangelizing the cultist, occultist, and skeptics, and equip the leaders of the churches in the foundation of the faith

This article presents ideas on how to witness to Mormons in the language they can understand.

The Mormons

The Bereans

Teaching cult awareness seminar, distributing specialize tracts and literatures, evangelizing the cultist, occultist, and skeptics, and equip the leaders of the churches in the foundation of the faith through apologetics.

Walter Martin - The Kingdom of the Cults

This book equips readers from every walk of life to use biblical truth to counter the efforts of cults to masquerade as mainstream Christians. This book is a good tool in countercult ministry and in evangelism. Cults and religions included are: J. W.s, Mormonism, New Age Cults, the Unification Church, Baha'i Faith, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and more.

What Price Freedom?

Tower to Truth Ministries

Witnessing to Mormons with Love

By Angie Dean- Online Book

What is Mormonism

Why I Left Mormonism

Let Us Reasons